I am Able, the BtGalaxy builder.

BtGalaxy is a Bit Torrent Info site. which built with modern AI and Java technology. I will post all the technology details here, hope it may be useful to you.

BtGalaxy Features:

  • Torrents Meta Info Collected in DHT Network.
  • Train Neuron Network with Labeled Torrent Samples.
  • Use Trained Neuron Network to Classify and Recommend Torrent.

    The BtGalaxy data will open later.


Old Driver AI was trained by Torrent Featured Vector. BOW one of NLP method.

The Deeplearning lib and tools are DL4J.

Old Driver AI combines few neuron network models and it provider torrent 50 labels classification and recommendation.

Torrents Collect

Today, BtGalaxy has 10M torrents meta info, and the number increase every minutes.

They came from tow separated ways : Bit Torrent web sites and DHT network.

Few of the Torrents which came from web site has labels and the others has none.


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